Start Checking Your Heart Anywhere Anytime For Free Of Cost

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Go solo with Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor Pro App. It is a very useful app because you can check your heart rate anytime, anywhere. Check your heart after you wake up or before going to bed. It diverts any problems or difficulties. Download the app now and check now!


  1. Measure your heart rate with your smartphone camera! Yup, your camera is the heart rate monitor.
  2. Graphs illustrate your pulse rate measurement that way you can monitor your heart over time right in your pulse app.
  3. Different pulse rate measurement types: resting HR, pre- & post-workout HR, maximum HR.
  4. Upload your results after you measure your heart beat to Runtastic, compare and analyze your heart beat measurements by day, week or year.
  5. Share your heart rate tracker measurements on social media like Facebook, Google+ & Twitter or via email. Maybe you’ll get your friends to use this great heart rate tracker

How to Get Free Heart Check Ups Samples:

  • Go to Offer Page
  • Install
  • Register
  • Use code Heart14 in the setting section
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  • googleplus
  • twitter
  • linkedin
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