Guess the Missing Image and Win Apple Tv Samples

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You can see an image below. There is something missing there. You need to answer what is the missing thing. Answer in the Comment Section. The deal is presented by Snapdeal in association with Apple. Lucky Winners will be awarded by Free Apple Tv Samples.

snapdeal free apple sampleHow to Get Free Apple Tv Sample:

Terms and Conditions:

The following terms govern this contest (“Contest”) which is hosted by Jasper Infotech Pvt Ltd (“Snapdeal”) and any person who wishes to participate in the Contest agrees to abide with and bound by these rules.


  • Only Indian nationals who are above the age of 18 years are eligible to enter and participate in the Contest. Snapdeal reserves the right to seek proof of age and/or nationality and any other information, detail etc. from the participants. The residents of Tamil Nadu are not eligible to participate in the Contest.
  • The participant is required to have a valid and active Facebook Account.


  • There is no participation fee required for participating in the Contest. Any person who fulfils the eligibility criteria in accordance with the terms set out herein, and follows Snapdeal’s official Facebook channel can participate in the Contest by answering the questions asked during the Contest. By answering any of the questions asked during the Contest, the Participant is deemed to have given his/her consent to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Contest. The Contest begins at 17:00 Hrs Indian Standard Time (IST) on 11th June, 2015 and ends at 23:59 Hrs. Indian Standard Time (IST), 13th June, 2015.
  • A question will be asked, each day starting from 11th June 2015 to 13th June 2015, from each eligible participant during the Contest. Only 5 Participants who follow Snapdeal’s official Facebook channel, and answer the question correctly will be the chosen as lucky winners. 5 lucky winners will win an Apple TV each.


  • The name of winners of the Contest will be posted Here  on 14th June, 2015. The winners will be communicated separately through a comment on Facebook posts.


  1. The information shared on the social media platform will be subject to the respective Social Media website’s Privacy Policy.
  2. The Participants agree and permit Snapdeal to use their name, image, likeness, any other personal detail provided and publish their details in any medium to promote/advertise the Contents or any other promotions, contents etc. which may be run by Snapdeal.
  3. By participating in the Contest, the Participant hereby represents and warrants that all information submitted by Participant is true, accurate and complete to the best of his knowledge, information and belief.
  4. Snapdeal reserves its right to verify any information provided by participant at any time and in case the information provided by the participant is found to be incorrect, as the case may be, Snapdeal reserves its right to cancel participation or restrict from further participating in the Contest as the case may be.
  5. The obligation on Snapdeal to award the Prize to the winner(s) of the Contest is subject to the participant(s)/winner(s) adhering to the terms of the Contest and sending the details (address & email id) within 3 days of the announcement of the winner as per the terms set out herein.
  6. The answers submitted by the participant must not contain material which is inappropriate, indecent, obscene, hateful, tortious, defamatory, slanderous, libellous as the case may be.
  7. Each participant acknowledges and agrees that other participant may have used ideas and/or concepts in their submission that may be similar in idea or concept to what is included in other Participant’s submission. Each Participant understands and agrees that he/she shall not have any claim of any nature against any other Participant and/or Snapdeal (as the case may be) arising out of any such similarity or be entitled to any compensation because of any such similarity.
  8. The Participants are free to opt out of the Contest at any point in time.
  9. Participant undertakes and confirms that his/her contributions/submissions are original and does not infringe any rights of any third party, including but not limited to copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity and/or any other intellectual property right. The Participant hereby assigns all rights in their submissions to Snapdeal including but not limited to all the intellectual property rights on any nature. Snapdeal shall be the sole proprietor / owner of all intellectual property rights vested in the submissions made by the Participant. Snapdeal shall also have all rights to use, reproduce, publish, display, transmit, copy, amend, store, sell and sub-license the contents of your submissions worldwide for all practical purposes including promoting the Contest. Snapdeal will have the right to use any personal information, subject to its privacy policy, that you would provide as part of your submission for the purposes of the competition and for marketing purposes including the distribution of regular email updates or newsletters and you consent to the same by participating in this competition.
  10. Snapdeal will select the winner based on terms of this Contest. In case if the winner cannot be contacted at the email address/ address provided by him/her at the link given or does not claim the Prize, Snapdeal reserves the right to cancel the Prize of such winner. The winner participants have to provide the details maximum by 17th June, 2015. In the event, they fail to provide their contact details by 17th June, 2015, the prize will be nullified without any liability to Snapdeal.
  11. Snapdeal accepts no responsibility for any damage, loss, injury (other than our liability for personal injury or death as a result of our negligence) or disappointment of any kind suffered by any entrant in entering the Contest, including as a result of any entrant winning or not winning any prize.
    Snapdeal accepts no responsibility for entries lost, damaged or delayed due to computer error in transit.
  12. Upon Snapdeal providing the Prize to the winner as per these Contest teams and conditions, no liability shall be levelled against Snapdeal, its director, officers, employees or agents, in any manner whatsoever.
  13. To the maximum extent permitted under law, the participant to this Contest releases and forever discharges Snapdeal and agrees to indemnify Snapdeal, its director, officers, employees or agents from any losses, damages, actions, claims, demands of any nature whatsoever arising from or related to this Contest, including but not limited to third party intellectual property rights infringement claims with relation to content submitted by the Participant.
    The winner(s) of the Contest shall be liable to bear any tax which may liable to be paid in respect of the Prize. Snapdeal shall not be liable for payment of any tax on the Prize.
  14. These terms and conditions of the Contest are governed by the laws of India and the courts of New Delhi shall have an exclusive jurisdiction to entertain all disputes arising out of or in connection with these terms and conditions.
  15. Participant(s) who win the Contest cannot transfer, assign, or redeem the Prize for cash.
  16. The Participant acknowledges that in case of any complaints, differences etc. in relation to the Contest, the decision of Snapdeal shall be final. Snapdeal reserves the right that, it may, during any time in its sole discretion, change/amend/modify/add/delete any of these terms and conditions governing the Contest without prior notice to any participant. Snapdeal in its sole discretion may also suspend or revoke or terminate the Contest at any time without any liability and prior notice to any participant.
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