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Everyone uses technology for its daily purposes. Now this time you need to share what you learn from the daily technology and write in the comment box to Win Dell Free samples facebook indiaHow to Get Free Dell Laptops:

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67 Comments Already

  1. I want laptop. I like too much. If I win this laptop then I give this lapy his child and change his life styles.

  2. I want to win this laptop as i have a 1gb ram computer right is 8 years old and totally outdated.i have opted ip as my optional subject and i love designing and programming but my pc is not capable of doing so.i love playing games and i am sick of completing gta vc and sa a 100 times as only these games run on my pc.Hope i win.

  3. Please please please please
    I want laptop, I love dell laptops P.L.E.A.S.E

  4. I am b-tech 4th year ,ece student.I need laptop because recently I got job in a software company but I don’t have confedance to do the was less exposed to computer.
    I need to learn java and other languages
    in this summer before I get joining letter.
    I am not able buy laptop at this situation because I am from poor family(agri labour).
    If get laptop definitely it will increase my knowledge and ultimately you will become the person who helped me to sustain in this world.

  5. I want laptop coz my pc Is nt good enough n m studying bca… :V

  6. I want laptop, dell lap allso verry like dell
    Dell Inspiron 1100: Quick Start…..i like Dell..

  7. I am a non stipend research scholar..I need a lap top to do my thesis work

  8. I need laptop.its urgent.

  9. Sir can you send me a free dell laptop to play a games in that

  10. #LearnitShareit #Contest.Hello Microsoft see i am a mac user i believe me i have never experienced dell laptops and i think i should give a try so i and i am a youtuber actually a starter so i thought it would be great to unbox this in my channel and use it for sort of editing and so that way it would be great for u also because i will surely promote this laptop for free if i get and thnx please tell me what u think

  11. I need to win Dell laptop for my job work and typing purpose

  12. i want this laptop because i am a 12 th student and my dad cant afford a laptop for me so that i can study properly

  13. I want laptop I never used laptop & I’m studying software engineering and my college asked to buy a laptop for my project but I have no money to buy so please

  14. I want a laptop, so i can make some educational videos and put on the Internet for free and,
    I also teach some poor students who can not pay for expensive tuitions so i can provide them with those free educational resources that are already available on internet.

  15. I want to start my coaching in coding, its my dream, for which i requore it badly…. I wish it would becime the source to start my dream… 🙂

  16. #LearnitShareit #Contest. I am a poor guy, but I’m rich in knowledge. So I’m willing to learn everything about the laptop if u provide me..Thanks.

  17. I m a class 11 student and I want this laptop fr my studies, I’m having a great interest in systems

  18. I’m currently a student and am very interested in teaching. I have been teaching for the last 2.5 years now and I believe that our indian education system is very rich in content but has to improve in its presentation skills. I would love to prepare computerized materials for my classes with your esteemed dell laptop. Please consider if you think my cause is noble.
    #LearnitShareit #Contest

  19. I want to learn computer programming,it facinates me but i cannot afford any laptop .

  20. I would love have this you know like having your own laptop for’s so exciting

  21. I’m a huge fan of latest technology and gadgets.And I often spread this knowledge with other people who cannot afford this luxury,by giving them an hands on experience with this trending world.If I get to win this I’ll use to tech others about the computers(hardware,software).So that they can also share it with others and thus spreading this knowledge in the entire nation.This may take time but that’s my goal.

  22. My sis is working on a project in her college, for which she needs laptop.If I get a laptop I would like to give it to my sis which will help in her education.

  23. I am very poor so my maternal uncle gave me a laptop so that I can study well and do all my school project but after using the laptop for about 2 months its motherboard burnt and the laptop stopped working. I will be very thankfull to a person who will give me a free laptop

  24. I love laptops because it gives best perfomance then other devices.

  25. i want this laptop because i want education and knowledge with this laptop and my all class mate have own laptop or p.c but my father are not able to purchase any laptop or p.c because I’m belong to poor family….. (-_-)

  26. I am BBA student, In our college we have computer classes. l want laptop to practice ,know I am doing part time job, becouse when i was 7 month old my mother and father leave each other. my mother marry with other person. that time my mother’s mother and father become a my guardian .they are not capable to help me in education.
    so i want laptop

  27. I am IT ‘O’ level student, and I would like to have Dell laptop for my practice. I don’t have any PC or laptop to practice at home or practice for exam. My family can’t afford a PC or a laptop, So sir I would be happy and grateful to you if I can have the laptop. Thank You Sir..

  28. I am a student and I work to both feed myself and finance my studies. My parents could not sent me to school since we are very poor,and that’s why I went away to town to work and study in a government school.I recently found a flyer stating that a person could earn working on the internet pasted on a wall on the way to school .I would be very much happy if you could kindly give away a laptop to me .I know there are millions of poor people in this world, and thinking of that I feel that nobody could give things away for free .But I believe I can be helped out .Thank you very much.

  29. i am a student and i want a laptop for study.i can’t buy laptop because i am from poor family and i had use internet for my notes.In my village there is no internet cafe in near so please give me dell laptop

  30. i belong to a poor family i am studying in 11th standard now i cant afford to go for coaching so forthat reason iam thinking to win a free laptop so that i can learn from video lectures which are available online i am helpless as i cant afford it pls help me i beg you

  31. I’m student of 4th year machenical. Need Laptop for making opportunity for side job and learning lots of softwares like
    Autodesk maya
    Blender animation
    Because I love to learn new softwares related to graphic designs and all

  32. technology plays very important role in today’s world…if we will get laptop it will help us to improve our skills….the more you practice more familiar you will be to use technology…thanks!!!!!

  33. I am studying engineering in engineering laptop is very useful so I want laptop Dell laptop is best laptop and it’s very useful and when I win laptop from yours so I get daily updates about me technologies.

  34. i am a student and i want a laptop for study.i can’t buy laptop because i am from poor family and i had use internet for my notes.In my village there is no internet cafe in near so please give me dell laptop.

  35. Hey hello am from Andhra Pradesh i have completed diploma in D EEE, but i love Computers i don’t get a chance to study in Computers because of our financial problems i bought a system which was failed and repaired on my own and using it it was too slow shunting down immediately i will be great full if this website is genuine thank you …..

  36. please I am a student and I can not afford it but I want it because our school do not have computers to teach as so whenever we are answering I.C.T questions I find it difficult and is a big problem for me . l hope that I will win thank for this opportunity.

  37. I need a laptop because I am pursuing diploma in french language . it’s impossible to just rely on books because we have to listen to audio and video . not having a laptop is a big problem for me as I can’t afford one too 🙁

  38. technology is very important in our day to day life. I would like to get the Laptop if you have any left so i will like to get it.


  40. Please I want this laptop for study

  41. If I win this laptop..this would be the first laptop of my life..probably the last too..=)
    And I’m a second year electronics engineering student so owning a laptop would ease my tasks=)

  42. I like laptop

  43. I need laptop for my study

  44. I am too poor to afford dell laptop.
    So please give it to me,
    To help the poor

  45. #Learnit#Sharit #Contest
    I’m an Electronic and communication student and in our colg they ask us to bring and work the programs on the spot. So I need it for my studies. I need it!!

  46. Im from a poor family and i dont have money for buying laptop for myself thats why i need a free laptop

  47. I am so poor and dont have money to buy one. so please

  48. Learnitshareit#contest
    I learnt from Technology is that they are the truest partner of us.
    We can discuss anything with them
    And get a solution for our questions.
    They never angry on us.
    So, if you gifted me an laptop then I will try to know the tech more.
    And I have listened that dell is the best company.
    That is why I want to test it.

  49. I want laptop for my project shootings

  50. Iwant laptop for my project shootings

  51. I really need a laptop because i want to start a youtube channel i am totally broken .i cant even afford a camera for recording i am studing right now and so it will be very help full if u give me a laptop ….

  52. The use of technology is increasing day by day, we all depend on technology and we use various technologies to accomplish specific tasks in our lives. Today we have various emerging technologies which impact our lives in different ways. Technology is being implemented in almost every section of our lives and business structures. It does not matter which industry you’re dealing in, technology will be of use in a certain manner. So embracing it and learning how to use technology in what ever we do is very important and recommended. As the world keeps on developing, technology will be changed, what is working today might not work not be efficient tomorrow. So it is better to stay up-to-date with new emerging technologies and learn how to embrace and use them in your daily life.

  53. #learnitshareit #contest
    I do get many things to learn from the technology in my daily life. As being an engineering student I am getting habituated to grow with new technologies rather than the classic methods. Every time I find some new technology in some fields I feel like there is still some scope for developer in this field, and go ahead hoping that future may turn out to be me.

    Hence technology plays huge role in my daily life.

  54. I need a laptop to help support my family as I can work from home while continuing my current job. I lost my father and my family needs financial support. I have plans to work online but do not have budget to buy a laptop.

  55. Iam a Engg student right now in cse stream , i cant able to buy a laptop because of my family economic status……so……..?

  56. Hello sir I am doing bca.. and I have not an laptop..and I want laptop for my studies for projeCTS and presentation.. I hope you give it to me

  57. मैं लैपटॉप इसलिए लेना चाहता हूँ क्यूंकि मेरे पास लैपटॉप नहीं है और न ही मैं उसे खरीद सकता हूँ

  58. hello sir/madam
    learning sharing through laptop is very easy but due to very high cost it i very difficult to afford so please show so mercy and encourage us through similar more missions and please provide me a laptop

  59. i want to earn my bread and bear , i have only father left who did a new marriage and have no time and money for me and my sister and i dont want to beg for me and my sister to anyone ,so i want to work online which required laptops and internet connection.I can afford internert connection but i cannot afford a new laptop that is why i need a new laptop.

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