Hyderabad Samples! SMS Code to Get Free 2 BHK Flats

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Best opportunity for Hyderabad residents. Buy a Fortune Sunflower Oil Packet of 1 litre and 5 litre Jar. Search for the 12 digit code printed in the back of the Packet. Prepare a Unique slogan for Fortune Sunflower Oil. SMS the code and slogan to 09502222222. Lucky winners will win a 2 BHK flat in Hyderabad.fortune free samples

Type a Message ←12 character scratch code→ SPACE ↔ Slogan “Fortune Sunflower Oil is…↔ to 09502-222-222

Terms and Conditions:

  1. SMS received without a slogan are not eligible for participation in the Contest. The first slogan received for a valid 12 digit code will be considered for the contest, subsequent slogans with the same 12 digit code will not be considered. A user can send as many slogans as 1 ltr pouches and 5 ltr packs purchased with valid 12 digit codes. Participation in Paytm Redemption is not necessary to participate in the slogan contest.
  2. Each valid unique code will be accepted only once. The maximum number of characters for the slogan is 160 Characters.
  3. The slogan must be in English language only.
    If the consumer has more than 1 scratch code, he/she must send a separate SMS for each unique 12 character code i.e. 1 SMS for every code.
  4. Participants must bear the operator cost of sending the SMS. Management is not responsible for disruptions/faults in the cell phone service providers while sending or receiving SMS.

For more Terms and Conditions or for any query, Visit Here.

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4 Comments Already


  2. Hi
    I won a Gold coin.
    still now I am not getting.
    please help me. I have doubt is this contest is genuine or Fake.

  3. Hi,

    I won a gold coin of Fortune slogan contest. but still now I am reeving that gold coin and also no response. please help me. This contest is genuine or Fake. This is reducing Fortune oil brand value.

  4. hi,
    i won a gold coin ,it is mentioned in your website and also informed through sms but still no response regarding the gift(gold coin).it is said that the gift cards will be dispatched within 30 days ,but after waiting for more than 2 months,we have not received anything.we hope you will send the gift or please give us a proper reply.

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