Free sample of Colgate Clove Toothpaste for Bangalore and Delhi

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Get the free sample of Colgate Sensitive Clove Essence Toothpaste for Delhi & Bangalore. Get instant pain relief by using the Colgate Sensitive Clove toothpaste which has a soothing formula for sensitivity with clove. It reaches inside sensitive areas of teeth to provide  instant pain relief and prevents sensitivity from coming back.

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:: Terms and Conditions ::

  1. These terms and conditions (“T&C”) are applicable for this free product sample offer (the “Offer”) launched by Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited (“Colgate”) for its product Colgate Sensitive Clove Toothpaste of net weight 20 gms (the “Free Product Sample”) given free of cost (not for sale) to any participating person who is 18 years and above and an Indian Citizen (the “User”) according to the request made in the manner provided as per the T&Cs mentioned herein.
  2. Purchase of any product of Colgate is not mandatory for the User to participate in this Offer. This is a limited period Offer and is valid until stocks lasts, as determined by Colgate.
  3. A User making a request for Free Product Sample is requested to read carefully and follow these T&Cs before participating in this Offer. Placing the request for Free Product Sample confirms acceptance by the User to abide by these T&Cs.
  4. This Offer for Free Product Sample is launched by Colgate with a primary objective of understanding from the User after its use about their oral care related insights, likings, experience, preferences, perceptions and needs which will be used as a consolidated information across all Users which may help to provide consumer oriented oral care products to all the consumers (the “Purpose”).
  5. How to request for Free Product Sample?
  • A User is required to give a missed call on 882-484-8882 for participating in the Offer;
  • Colgate / its authorised agency will get in touch with the User by calling on his/her valid phone number which, was used by the User for giving the missed call to participate in this Offer; inability to contact due to any reasons including but not limited to call drop, busy network, no coverage etc. will not make Colgate / its authorised agencies liable and the request will be cancelled.
  • Colgate shall not be responsible for any personal details provided by User to any third party calling and falsely representing to be the authorized agency of Colgate or representative of Colgate itself, and Users are requested to exercise diligence before providing any details.
  • By giving a missed call, User agrees and allows Colgate / its authorized agencies to contact the User, irrespective of opted in for Do not Disturb facility;
  • User will be requested to provide his name and a valid serviceable delivery address for dispatch of the Free Product Sample; kindly note that the Offer is valid only for such places in India where the Postal / Colgate’s Registered Courier Services are serviceable. Kindly refer the list of serviceable locations given below. In case any particular mailing address is not serviceable, Colgate does not own any responsibility for inability to dispatch the Free Product Sample;
  • Each User is identified by his name, serviceable address and phone number provided by the User and will get only one Free Product Sample during the Offer and Colgate reserves right to reject the sample request in case same User tries to request for Free Product Sample using different phone numbers or other details;
  • Colgate / its authorized agencies will not be responsible or liable for any loss, damage caused to the Free Product Sample after it is being delivered;
  • Colgate mandates Users to inspect the package and reject any open, torn or mutilated package without taking delivery and Colgate shall not be responsible for any complaints of delivery post acknowledgement of the delivery;
  • In case of undelivered package, Colgate shall attempt for second delivery at the same address or by contacting the User on his phone for updating incomplete or invalid address as a last chance and in case the package still remains undelivered the same shall not be attempted again and the request will be cancelled, for which Colgate / its authorized agencies shall not be responsible.
  • For delivery of Free Product Sample it may take up to 8-10 weeks from the date of placing the request. This time period may be extended by Colgate at its discretion, which status may not be informed to the User;
  • User will not be charged for any delivery charges / incidental charges incurred for the delivery of the Free Product Sample;
  • The Offer period is limited and subject to availability of the Free Product Sample and Colgate reserves the right to cancel any request due to termination of the Offer or non-availability of stocks; No intimation will be provided for cancellation of request in such cases.
  • Free Product Sample cannot be replaced for any other product or value.
  1. Colgate and/ or its third party agencies may contact the Users for the Purpose, twice in a year (from the date of the request) on their mobile number.
  2. By participating in the Offer, User consents to Colgate / its authorised agencies to collect and store the name, mobile number, mailing address (the “Personal Details”) of the User.
  3. Colgate confirms that the Personal Details will be stored in a reasonably secured manner by Colgate / its authorised agencies and the same shall be used only for the purpose of contacting the User with respect the Offer, its Purpose and for any contact required for the ease of delivery of the Free Product Sample. Colgate confirms that the Personal Details will be treated as a private as well as sensitive information of the User and shall be used only for the purpose stated herein.
  4. All the feedback received from the Users upon contacting them will be used as a consolidated feedback from all users for the Purpose and which shall be the sole property of Colgate. Such consolidated feedback may help Colgate for the purpose of product customization, development, innovation etc. The extent to which such feedback may be protectable under any intellectual property laws, User agrees to assign and transfer perpetual, exclusive, worldwide, irrecoverable rights to Colgate without any consideration payable in such case.
  5. This Offer shall not be open to Colgate/ its authorised agencies employees and their immediate family members.
  6. Colgate / its agencies disclaim and shall not be liable for any losses, expenses or damages that may be incurred by the Users on its own in connection with the Offer, except that, Colgate shall not in any way charge for the Free Product Sample or for delivery of the same.
  7. Colgate / its authorised agencies shall not be held responsible for any factors which are beyond their control and the holding of the Offer is subject to force majeure conditions.
  8. In case of any complaints or queries, please call or write to the Consumer Affairs Officer at Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited, Main Street, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai – 400 076, Tel: 1800-225-599 (toll free) or email at
  9. This Offer shall be governed by the laws of India and in case of any disputes, the Courts at Mumbai shall have the exclusive jurisdiction.
  10. Colgate reserves its right to extend, alter, cancel, or terminate this Offer without any notice in this behalf.

LIST OF SERVICEABLE PINCODES OF DELHI :- 110036, 110039, 110040, 110042, 110082, 110089, 110001, 110002, 110004, 110011, 110050, 110009, 110026, 110033, 110034, 110035, 110052, 110088, 110005, 110008, 110012, 110015, 110027, 110028, 110060, 110064, 110018, 110043, 110045, 110046, 110058, 110059, 110071, 110072, 110073, 110075, 110078, 110007, 110054, 110084, 110019, 110020, 110044, 110076, 110006, 110055, 110041, 110056, 110063, 110087, 110081, 110083, 110085, 110086, 110003, 110013, 110014, 110016, 110017, 110021, 110022, 110023, 110024, 110025, 110029, 110048, 110049, 110057, 110062, 110065, 110066, 110067, 110068, 110080, 110053, 110090, 110093, 110094, 110095, 110031, 110032, 110051, 110091, 110092, 110096, 110010, 110030, 110037, 110038, 110047, 110061, , 110070, 110074, 110077

LIST OF SERVICEABLE PINCODES OF BANGALORE  :- 560002, 560004, 560011, 560018, 560019, 560026, 560028, 560039, 560040, 560041, 560050, 560056, 560059, 560060, 560061, 560062, 560069, 560070, 560072, 560074, 560078, 560082, 560085, 560098, 560104, 560109, 562109, 560001, 560009, 560027, 560053, 560003, 560010, 560012, 560013, 560015, 560020, 560021, 560022, 560023, 560024, 560031, 560032, 560044, 560054, 560055, 560079, 560080, 560086, 560091, 560092, 560094, 560096, 560029, 560035, 560076, 560081, 560083, 560087, 560099, 560100, 560102, 560103, 560105, 560106, 560107, 561229, 562106, 562107, 562145, 562158, 560058, 560073, 560088, 560089, 560090, 560123, 562111, 562123, 562114, 560016, 560036, 560037, 560048, 560049, 560066, 560067, 563114, 560063, 560064, 560065, 560097, 560157, 560300, 562110, 562157, 560005, 560006, 560008, 560017, 560025, 560030, 560033, 560034, 560038, 560042, 560043, 560045, 560046, 560047, 560051, 560052, 560068, 560071, 560075, 560077, 560084, 560093, 560095


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