Free Preventions to Take Care During Heavy Rains

  • 2 Years ago
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Free Steps to Stay During Heavy Rain:

  • Take that extra precaution while walking during heavy rains as the floor and stairs are more likely to be slippery and you might break a bone or two if you do not exercise caution
  • Open windows for proper ventilation: In case your building is flooded, make sure you keep your windows open in order to ventilate well and prevent stagnation.
  • Stay away from drowned power lines: Make sure you stay away from drowned power lines or any other drowned source of electricity because water and electricity can make a deadly combination.
  • Avoid driving unless necessary: Avoid driving as much as possible. If driving becomes mandatory, make sure you drive slow and always have your headlights on while using wipers
  • Unplug all electronics: Turn off all sources of electricity in your building in case your building is flooded with water, as any open source of electricity which comes in contact with water may be detrimental.
  • Stock Up Groceries: Finding a provision store for grocery and daily requirements becomes very difficult during periods of a downpour. So make a smart decision of stocking up all the necessary grocery required
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