Bring Back Your Free Jingalala TataSky Smart Manager Pack

  • 2 Years ago
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TataSky gives you a best offer for all of its users. Get your jingalala saturday fun at a chaep price of Rs.1 only. To get this subscription you need to first recharge the Active Manager Pack on 11-02-2017 between 24 hours. Again follow these steps:

  1. Place a Call on 9040590405 from the registered mobile no (RMN).
  2. Visit Here.
  3. Your jingalala pack will be activated
  4. Deactivate it before next month. Unless price will be charged.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Tata Sky Jingalala Saturdays Actve Smart Manager Offer is a promotional scheme which is being offered by Tata Sky Limited to its Eligible Subscribers. Eligible Subscribers shall mean a Tata Sky Subscriber who has an. Active Account Status and does not fall within the category mentioned in B (1) of the General Terms.
  2. Under this Offer, on 11th February 2017, Tata Sky will offer the Active Smart Manager (‘Pack’) to its Eligible Subscribers at a. Discounted rate of Re.1/- for the initial period of 30 days followed by Rs.10/- per day for the total duration of 91-day course of the pack.
  3. Further, it is clarified that if the Eligible Subscribers wish to discontinue the Pack subscribed by way of this Offer, and then again subscribe to the Pack at a later date, if made available by Tata Sky, then the Eligible Subscribers shall be charged the regular price of Rs.10/- per day or such other price as may be charged by Tata Sky at that period of time.
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